2010 Queensnite (Koninginnenach) in The Hague – The Hague does party!

Rather than sitting behind my computer, I should go out and watch this girl, Laura Jansen…but this Hotelier has to look after his partying guests. Check out the official 2010 Koninginnenach site.

And they will close Queen’s Night (or Queensnite as a more vernacular translation of Koninginnenach) the free pop/dj/podium music party night before the official Queens Day celebration tomorrow with a real Pop band from The Hague: Di-Rect.

The Hague does party! At least once a year…

It started to rain and now I hear not one, but two police helicopters patrolling…a bit unusual, unless there is something rough going on…

4 thoughts on “2010 Queensnite (Koninginnenach) in The Hague – The Hague does party!”

  1. You forgot to mention the Annual Orange Fair! It was alot of fun and the atmosphere was really good this year. I thought about going to see Laura Jansen but knew that meant taking A&S with me (= not). Was mentioning to someone on twitter that we could have a tweetup next year.

  2. I Know Lisa,

    We were geared up for a place at the Fred, but it fell apart, partly because some key persons were at work or on holiday:-)

    1. Matt: As I said on another podium: You now will regret you didn’t come to The Hague to see her irl:-)

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