The Worst Hotel in The World (Dutch Design 43)

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel advertising campaigns are the stuff of Amsterdam legend. Culturally significant not just for their humour and genius, but because they reveal something of the city’s mindset and the attitudes of the people that call this city home.

If you want to know how to market a really bad hotel, there is something to learn from the Amsterdam based KesselsKramer agency’s recent book The Worst Hotel of the World of their ad campaigns for the (In)famous Hans Brinker Budget Hotel.


3 thoughts on “The Worst Hotel in The World (Dutch Design 43)”

  1. I thought the ad campaign for it was nothing short of brilliant. By creating a ‘no expectations’ mindset, you never get unhappy guests and anything you do will be fantastic! The current economic downturn is not affecting Hans Brinkler AT ALL while the guy who invented the original ad campaign has gone on to bigger accounts like Heineken. An awesome win-win situation!


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