The Spread Eagle Hotel in Jedburgh, Scotland (Scottish Border)

The Spread Eagle Hotel in Jedburgh, Scotland (Scottish Border)
The Spread Eagle Hotel in Jedburgh, Scotland (Scottish Border)

Hm they should post more and better photography Cheesemonster posted a nice one on Flickr.

I’m always insatiable curious to know how fellow hoteliers “Do it” or “Get it” and am always pleassantly surprised to find one who clearly shows some similarities to my own ways of “Doing it” of “Getting it”.

Off course I found The Spread Eagle Hotel via Twitter where I’m hanging out a lot lately. Some claim too much, but I have the strong feeling that with Twitter we will be seeing the Internet change on a scale comparable to how searching the internet changed with Google and how operating a PC changed with MS.

Back to the The Spread Eagle Hotel:
I was searching Twitter purely by accident for Happy Hotelier, not my ordinary search which is for HappyHotelier which enables me to review my various communications and found this tweet:

One Empty Sink, One pint of Farne, One Happy Hotelier 😀 which catched my eye.

A couple of days later I asked John (@mrjcampbell) for the full url of his wee hotel which he gave to me: The Spread Eagle is a small family-run and family-friendly hotel in the middle of the High Street in Jedburgh.

John’s Bio on Twitter says: Used to work in television but now own a wee hotel in Jedburgh Scottish Borders. John and Lorna live on the premises and will be delighted to welcome you to Scotland’s oldest continually-licensed hotel.

Then I find John’s blog: From the Spread Eagle which relates the day to day problems an average hotelier faces. The format of that Blog is exactly what I have in mind to combine with my hotel site.

Here are some sailant observations:

  • They started a new life as a hoteliers. Like we did.
  • Started with renovating a hysteric historic place to make it usable as a hotel.
  • John Twitters very correctly. Doesn’t merely shout about the next best business deal. I believe I Twitter correctly.
  • John shows even more of the day to day work than I usually do, but his blog has exactly the format I have in mind to create for our hotel.

I certainly will visit them again and go through their content and hope John and Lorna can learn a bit from me (time to translate my Enter09 presentation) as I can learn from them.

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