Not Bad! I'm on a New Hotel Blogs Ranking List


Yesterday my Twitter friend @merillg of Voyagegeek pointed me to a new Hotel Blogs Ranking List that ranks Hotel Blogs according to a dark formula, that takes into account several metrics. I like it. Especially because I’ve now another bragging badge:

The funny thing is that when I was drafting this post my position just changed from 1 to 2.

Its a bit pity that not all Hotel Blogs on the list are as active as would appear from their ranking. Hotel Hotsheet for instance has become inactive and replaced by Hotel Check In recently.

My regular readers know I have something with lists and have been busy over the years to maintain a sort of Travel Blog Ranking list solely based on their more or less wobbly Technorati ranking – see my T-List Page

I’ve contacted the Invesp Consult people to see if they are interested to combine my list with their algorithm. I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Not Bad! I'm on a New Hotel Blogs Ranking List”

  1. Congratulations. Most of those number (Alexa, Google PR) are meaningless. But I do think they did an excellent job of quantifying the quality of your blog.

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