Twitter Intermezzo: What should Hotel Owners know about Social Media and Internet Marketing?


What should Hotel Owners know about Social Media and Internet Marketing?
While winding down from #itb09, this question came up via Twitter.


My first reaction was: At least they should start reading Bill Marriot’s Blog. A good example!


Cool, Thanks for that.


My second reaction was: Plus they should read:

  1. #sxswtravel,
  2. #itb09, and
  3. #smstravel

6 thoughts on “Twitter Intermezzo: What should Hotel Owners know about Social Media and Internet Marketing?”

  1. The web site is brilliant and I expect to stay connected for recommendations – I also follow on twitter. I emailed yesterday about linking on my new Travel blogroll:
    I’ve been writing on Spanish gardens; historical and contemporary spaces from Granada to Valencia to Barcelona from my base in California’s Wine Country. I host garden tours, write guidebooks, and the San Francisco Chronicle ‘Garden Walks’ column. Please let me know if a link sounds advantageous, Best rgards, Alice Joyce

  2. Alice,
    Like this comment at first instance, your e-mail possibly was caught by a spam filter.

    I had a short look at your new blog and I like it.

    Although I know that visiting gardens is a well respected way of cultural traveling, in one way ore another I’m not very into it at the moment as a busy and happy hotelier. That might change in the future:-)


  3. I recently sat down with the PR gal from a local hotel to chat about social media. We typed the name of her hotel into Twitter search and watched for what came up. Bingo! She had a fit, an absolute fit. “OH MY GOD, I SHOULD BE TALKING TO THOSE PEOPLE!” It was really great, actually.

    It seems to me that the answer could be as short as “people are talking about you and you could be part of that conversation.” Basic, true, rather powerful, don’t you think?

  4. Agree with Pam.
    I think the blogging community has an awful lot to offer the tourism biz types. Opening their eyes to the world of social online marketing is something most need and good advice can create another stream of income for well-regarded bloggers who know the industry.

    Advising on Twitter tags is bang on.
    Two years ago, I used to say the centre of our web presence was our Web site.
    Last year, the centre moved over to the blog.
    Now, the centre is firmly on Twitter. Posting content all over the Web is really easy and twitter links and hashtags along with search make it a pretty powerful bit of advice.

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