Looking Back to 2008 (3): The Blog, January – March

215 posts in 2008 opposed to 166 posts in 2007 – Many developments worth mentioning:

WiWiH Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community
  • January 2008:
    Community building – Published my second T-List Ranking update, Continued to ask attention for the Travel Bloggers Community at WiWiH which more or less died in the course of 2008 from lack of interest and other developments.
    I started asking attention for Daren’s and various other Travel Blogging Carnivals. Alas, during the year Darren discontinued his Carnival as the weekly scheme proved to much of a hassle.
    I posted about the strange marriage between Ian Schrager and Bill Marriott. They still seem to be working together: Here is a link to the teaser Edition Website and here is a Youtube video I found of the Edition Lauch party:
  • Februari 2008:
    I got enthusiastic about mini blogging like Tumblr, and about Travel Bloggers Hopping. I made preparations for my first Travel Bloggers Meeting at ITB Berlin.
  • March 2008:
    Visited ITB Berlin and the Phocuswright – Tips from the T-List Berlin Blogger Summit. Found out that I needed to update my equipment, which I finally did shortly before the end of 2008. Had a mayor computer crash at my office and although I use to have a reasonable Backup policy, I cost me a lot of time to get everything in order. The main advantage is, that the former office computer crashed every time I tried to crop or edit only one photo. With the new equipment, later combined with the acquisition of the new CS3 Adobe suit, I don’t have those kind of problems anymore. Started my Quote of the Day category.

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