Guerrilla Wakeboarding in Venice

Who sez the Wiener (inhabitants of Vienna) are not “hip” is wrong. Today Vienna Online reported about a Dutch pro surfer, Duncan Zuur, surfing the San Marco Square in Venice. Year after year he had traveled to Venice with his team to do this. Yesterday with high water on the San Marco square of + 1.35m he succeeded. Just in time before the police was in place to stop it. Why should they stop it?

Here is the Youtube footage:

Another video take by the BBC here: Surfing in Venice

Blogger Michelle rightfully points out that this Venice shop owner keeps his shopwindow models in tune with the flooding:

Venice Shop Window

The beautiful Boston Globe big pictures photoblog has more excellent photos of Venice under Water.

3 thoughts on “Guerrilla Wakeboarding in Venice”

  1. When it comes to weather, I’m not surprised by anything anymore. Last summer we had some minor flooding in Sweden and some one went by water scooter in a road cross, so why not surfing in Venice…?
    I’m very pleased though that there weren’t any flooding when my sister were there recently, because it were her first trip in ages and she deserved to see Venice without swimming 🙂

  2. Whhooaa! Nice, pretty risky move but I think it’s all worth trying for them.

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