Happy Hotelier's 10 Most Popular Posts of September 2008

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I managed to add a Plugin that provides popular posts in the sidebar. I don’t know, but maybe, because I installed the Plugin only somewhere half September, or maybe because the Plugin uses a completely different algorithm as Woopra, but the result for September is totally different for both. Interesting to see that according to Woopra during the last two weeks of September some very old posts got new attention.
As I have installed Woopra now for “quite some time” (since May, 2008) I also checked my 5 “All time” most popular posts for the period May – September 2008, but they don’t differ much from the list below.

Here are my 10 most popular posts of September 2008:

  1. Hilarious: Judge in The Hague fines Blogger for ranting about Dutch Telecom Company Call Center Employee. I have no explanation why this is so popular again.
  2. 10 Questions for (5): Miss Expatria. Well she made the cut …almost, as she had hoped for in August already.
  3. Too Sexy to Fly?
  4. Yotel Goes to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Yotel Gatwick first Guest Reviews are in. This one is clear to me as The Amsterdam Yotel opened its doors on September 30, 2008. Consequently it is a great Google hit.
  5. Dutch Design # 12: The New Heineken 5 L DraughtKeg. Also clear as I got some new trackbacks.
  6. Istanbul: Cool Four Seasons at The Bosphorus takes Reservations. Recently opened and now getting more attention.
  7. 10 Questions (6) for: Esme Vos of Mapplr. Maybe because the Chicago Sun featured this post via Blogburst
  8. T-List Update: 200 Travel / Hospitality Blogs Listed and Ranked . Strangely enough the later updates didn’t get as much attention…while I still feel a bit guilty that I have put this project on the back burner thus far.
  9. Toronto: Lolita’s Lust. Hey! FilmGirl where are you?
  10. Mary Slim: A very slender Vessel as Motor Yacht. This must have to do with me signaling the current trend of more and more luxury yachts to be designed to look like warships.

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