Happy Hotelier's 10 Most Popular Posts of July 2008


Woopra is a great tool for this. Rather than using a WP Plugin that generates most popular posts automatically, I prefer Woopra to hand pick a list, as it gives me an opportunity to reflect my posting behavior a bit.

My pages T-List and L-List (ranking number 1 in July), About (ranking number 2 in July, probably because it is a landing page from my other blog, Chair Blog that I have been pushing a lot in July), Page 2 (ranking number 5 in July) and Unusual Hotels (ranking 6 in July) kept attracting a lot of traffic. They seem to do so usually. Therefor I have decided to leave the pages out of the list and only include the separate posts. It also reminds me to post a T-List update in August.

Taking the above into consideration: My CitizenM reviews were ell received according to the statistics. Therefor I repeat one of my photos here. My older Yotel post lifted on the Citizen M success. At least it gives a direction as to how I have to develop the blog to keep it interesting. I have some great hotel reviews in my sleeve, stay tuned!

  1. My second CitizenM Review: Citizen M Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Opening (2): The Room
  2. My third CitizenM Review: Citizen M Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Opening (3): Final Observations
  3. Yotel goes to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Yotel Gatwick’s First Guest reviews, lifting on the CitizenM success.
  4. Pop Top by Public: Never Lose Your Luggage again, about how to personfy your luggage so that it is easy identifiable.
  5. A golden oldy:Dutch Design # 12: The New Heineken 5 L DraughtKeg. Well it is summertime and excellent for the beach. However I have to admit our own beer consumption has dwindled for other reasons (weight control) since posting this.
  6. Too Sexy to Fly Update
  7. Blogging Hotel Insiders. Augmented and ameliorated and to do with Hotels. On its way to become a hit.
  8. My first CitizenM Review:Amsterdam CitizenM Opening (1)
  9. Too Sexy to Fly?
  10. Happy Hotelier’s High Five (3): about Travel Marketing, Networking, Hotel Guests and Guest Reviews. Am glad this new category is taking off despite the ugly hands 🙂

Woopra tells me I have to put more sex in my posts:-)

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