Bicycle Film Festival 2008: Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague Mayor: Be alert for 2009!


I was busy, on the road, looking after our hotel guests and trying to revamp my other Blog, Chair Blog, therefore a little less attention here.

The revamping of Chair Blog is sticky: I went backward and forward with the theme and am back to square 1: Same old Misty theme, but a lot of more posts thanks to a nifty Tumblr inspired WordPress QuickPost Plugin. At the same time Chair Blog was accepted by Woopra. Hence I have decided to terminate my Tumblr activities and fade the Tumblr posts out by gradually deleting them and incorporate them into my main blogs…. My main problem with Quickpost is that my provider somewhere hides the MySQL database of WordPress in a way I can’t figure out…have to dig much deeper into PHP/MySQL. In addition I have to find a way to present photos in a consistent way… Maybe a reader has some clues for me.

In the meantime, rather than hiring writers as I see some of my fellow Bloggers do, I am trying to get my two daughters – Yes! Happy hotelier is also a Happy Father! – FilmGirl and DanceGirl, the former works at the Rotterdam Film Festival and the latter works at the Holland Dance Festival, involved here as they do travel a lot and could have a lot of content to no avail at this moment. I know they are sometimes readers here and hope they take the bait.

So I came across Bicycle Film Festival, a festival I wasn’t aware of, but that FilmGirl probably knows of. Quite interestingly it is featured in many cities: 17 in total acros the world, and probably a cheap thing to do in these miserable economic circumstances.

I am curious why we here in The Netherlands, as one of The Bicycle Countries don’t feature it. Therefore: Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague Mayors be alert to get the 2009 edition in house!
Via Living in LA Without a Car

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