Paris: The Complete Guide to Paris Style Hotels

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Planning a trip to Paris? Don’t plan without reading this Times Online article The Complete Guide to Paris Style Hotels, where Steve Keenan summarizes in a well written and well documented article some of the best hotels in Paris.

I had featured some on the list already. But there are new surprises.

I have avoided Paris for over 35 years after spending my honeymoon there. Maybe, Maybe I’ll reconsider:-)

2 thoughts on “Paris: The Complete Guide to Paris Style Hotels”

  1. “Paris Style” hotels or Paris’s “style hotels”? Either way, I’ll have to check this out. As a travel writer who spends over 250 nights a year in a hotel, I love a chic sleep, but I’ve been contemplating the future of hotels as I roam the planet and see an increasing number of people opting for other alternatives other than hotels – apartment rentals, B&Bs, home-stays, even strangers’ couches!

    I’ve just posted on the subject on my own blog and also posted a poll. I’d love to know what you and your readers think, Happy Hotelier. I’m also going to have to check occupancy rates here in Italy. I know they couldn’t be healthier in my ‘home’town Dubai (it’s as close to home as one can get when you’ve been on the road for 2.5 years) but I’m wondering how the European hotels are doing… especially with Americans either staying away or looking for accommodation alternatives. What do you think?

  2. Hi Lara

    You were caught in my askimet spamfilter. I didn’t see your comment earlier than today (after the glorious 4-1 Football (soccer) win from les Français)

    As I commented already to your post: You have an interesting point of view. On June 24, I will attend the official opening of Citizen M…I will come back to the issue with a separate post thereafter.


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