ITB Berlin Blogger summit – Snow and Strikes, but Bloggers come through

Very unusual: I am the first to find the meeting room where the first informal get together, the ITB Berlin Travel Blogger Summit, is taking place. I have seen some of the fair. Almost lost my way on the fair and am not impressed by the way Berlin Messe provides road signs.

As to snow: Detlef , who is from Berlin, comments this is the start of ITB and the first snow of Berlin this winter.

A huge strike lames the whole Berlin public transport system, but at around 11.30 I count around 25 Bloggers.

Chapeau to the Bloggers! Not even do they prove to be able to maintain the uphill struggle to keep a travel blog in the air, but they seem also able to beat difficulties as public transport out of function because of a strike and a traffic infarct in Berlin due to the first snow!

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