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Another community of Travel Bloggers that I had spotted earlier but lost the url of is Travel Blogs Com “Handpicked tales from the road”. It says: brings the internet’s best narrative travel blogs together into one place.

The writers we feature may be well known travel writers; or they could just be your average Joe on a round-the-world trip. What matters is the quality of their writing and the way they relate their experiences.

They are related to the Australian travelers community Travellerspoint with syndicated travel blogs on Travel Blogs – Travellerspoint

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2 thoughts on “Travel Blogs Com”

  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    I just wanted to point out that the logo above is the Travellerspoint logo, not the logo. It’s also quite an old version of the logo – I wonder where you got it from?

    I’d also like to make clear that the blogs featured on are not necessarily Travellerspoint blogs. Most aren’t.

    Finally, although Travellerspoint has an office in Australia, we are actually a Norwegian company and the site can only really be described as an international travel community. It is certainly not specifically targetted at Australians.

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