Graphic Concrete: Stencil Your Face in Concrete, rather than Concreting your Hand at the Walk of Fame!

Graphic Concrete 01
Inside use

Graphic Concrete, Ltd is a privately-owned Helsinki based Finnish company. Its Finish name is Graafinen Betoni, Oy.

Its product is based on an invention by architect Samuli Naamanka.

It works as follows:
Apply a retardant to a special film in the pattern of your desire. Put the film on a still wet concrete slab. Let the concrete harden pull the film off and wash away the retarded, i.e. the only partly hardened, parts . The washed surface stands out from the surrounding unwashed concrete surface due to its roughness that also gives it another color.

Graphic Design 04
The film is being pulled off

The film is 3,1 meters wide, which means that it can be used in the production of regular height facade elements without the need for joints. The length of the film is mainly limited by the maximum allowable weight of a roll, so it can be hundreds of meters long if necessary.

The normal depth of the pattern is usually the so-called fine exposure, approximately 1 mm, but shallower or deeper exposures are also possible. The concrete can also be pigmented.

The accuracy of the method makes it possible to copy the bitmap made from a photograph, in which case the minimum diameter and distance between the dots can be as little as 2 mm.

Graphic Concrete 05

A Slab just before application

Graphic Concrete 03

Finished product

I have a slab of concrete of 7 X 12 meters that forms a terrace…..This is a great idea whenever I have to redo the surface….the only problem I foresee is the usual pollution in a city that may affect the picture within a short time….therefor I believe it better for inside than for outside use, but it offers fantastic design opportunities.

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