Happy Hotelier becomes a Trend Hunter


I have Trend Hunter Magazine in my Google Reader for some time, and was browsing and searching the site. Accidentally I signed up, because it induces you to look at “unpublished trends” and then you get curious, wouldn’t you? It is free anyway.

After signing up I noticed that at Trend Hunter Magazine you can maintain your own Blog alike page, which they call “Portfolio”. You can use it to comment, they call it “to crave”, posts of other Trend Hunters. You can also submit trends.

So my Portfolio at Trend Hunter is now: Happy Hotelier, Trend Hunter. On that page you see the most recent trends I have submitted. Actually I was quite surprised that the first three trends that I submitted, both from this Blog as from my other blog Chair Blog, were published almost immediately.

If you want to see my “favorites”, then hit Happy Hotelier Favorites. To be precise: the header of the page is the same, but the url is different.

The amazing thing is that the whole site is just a One Man Show: Jeremy Gutsche’s.

If you want to know more about Jeremy, click the Interview with Jeremy Gutsche, Founder of Trend Hunter by Nigel Goodwin.

Each Trend Hunter has his own page. I’m not sure whether you see only trends that were published when you are not logged in on those pages. Each published trend has the respective hunter next to the full post. So when you get used to it, it has nice navigation possibilities.

There are of course plenty of lists of top Trend Hunters: Those with the most published trends, those with the most cravings, those with the most traffic and so on. There is also a community with a “Wall” to write on.

In addition to its main magazine it has several subject related “magazines”.
For me the Hip Hotel Reviews magazine is off course of interest. It has a separate URL as well at Hot Hotel Reviews.

I also noticed that famous international trendy design, interior, fashion and travel magazine cum website Wallpaper* signed up as Walpaper*, Trend Hunter recently. So I believe to be in good company of them and the more than 13.000 Trend Hunters.

Trend Hunter Magazine offers a 50/50 split of revenue from Google Adsence, but I am not very interested in getting paid per click.

All in all Trend Hunter Magazine has a lot of Web 2.0 features: User generated content, syndication, community building…and a Technorati authority of 1,169 and a Technorati rank of 1,898…not bad for a one man Blog, although assisted by 13.000 and something Trend Hunters. The fact that you are able to build a community with 13.000 and something people on your own is amazing in itself.

And thanks Jeremy for the help with my first steps on your platform with a bit idiosyncratic interface!

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