Valencia: Louis Vuitton Cup – America's Cup post # 9

Sad! This will be my last post about the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup. We are now 1/2 hour in the fifth race. The Kiwis have won 4 races already. They only need one more win. They are approximately 100m in the lead in the second leg of this fifth race. I think it highly unlikely they will give up this winning position and so the Kiwis will be the LV Cup winners and will as challengers sail 9 races with the Swiss over the Auld Mug from June 23 through July 7.

Added June 7, 2007:

My feeling was correct.
Here the LV Cup is celebrated by the Kiwis after they walked over the Italians:

Valencia, 06 06 2007
Louis Vuitton Cup Finals
Louis Vuitton Cup Docking and Prize Giving.
©ACM 2007/Photo:Stefano Gattini

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