E-Hotel: a Latvian Hotelier’s Blog

I found an incoming link from E-Hotel, a Blog that a Latvian Hotelier started recently.

Ehotel is written by a hotelier from Latvia, Europe with more than 4 year experience in hospitality business and MBA.

Working in a hotel and studying I have understood that there are many things I still don`t know about hotels and there are even more things that others don`t know about hotels. Many people think that one doesn`t need much knowledge to work in a hotel. At the same time hoteliers need to educate clients about how hotels operate, what are the rules etc. I hope this place will let to better understand the hotel business.

I think a Latvian Blog in English is a nice addition to the Travel Blogging community.


November 30, 2009. I have erased the url, because this blog has become another member of the Great Dead Travel Blog Society since there is no action whatsoever anymore.

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