The Real The Hague Promotor: Congratulations Barney The PDC Champion!


No he is not bubbling gum. On the photo (thanks to AD) Barney kissses the PDC Trophee.

Yesterday Raymond van Barneveld, with nickname Barney won the final of the PDC Darts Championship against Phil Taylor who defended the title and had won it already 11 times. The PDC stands for Professional Darts Corporation, sometimes also known as “Phil’s Dart Club”.

Barney’s site was temporary down, due to the enormous interest and is now clearly up again on an emergency server.

The final was one of the best dart parties I have ever seen on TV. It was a bone chilling shoot out.

The Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Pieter Balkenende officially congratulated him with the championship.

Today Barney will get an official City of Den Haag reception. Yes, he lives in Den Haag and to my view he is a better ambassador for the city than the new City Marketing Logo ever will be.

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