Travel Rants Blog: Thanks, Darren


Darren Cronian, a 33 yr old male of Leeds, UK, devoted a very kind post (unfortunately the blog has discontinued since) to Happy Hotelier, trying to induce me to write more posts….I answered I didn’t need more incentives, but simply more time….Thank you for this referral, Darren!

Darren answered he works full time for a large organization, runs a travel accommodation business, and writes daily on Travel Rants.

Uhm, probably I need to re study my time management literature.

Travel Rants offers many interesting posts and subjects and an accompanying place on Flickr.

In any case this post learns me how wide a full width picture has to be (maximally 540 pix) on this blog. I still have to consider how many pix a half width picture has to be, because the 200 pix width that Darren uses, is a bit small for me. I like photos too much. Well, Blogging is all about trial and error.

Also through Darren I learn there existed already a Happy Traveller blog already quite some time before I started Happy Hotelier. I simply didn’t know.

Further digging on his site made me find another blog of Darren Blogged Out. Alas also discontinued.
Update 1 November 2006:
Oops, the width should be 520 pix, as otherwise there is a conflict with the sidebar in IE which then loads under rather than next to the text…..

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