This used to be my only My page.

The service provided embed codes and for the lazy blogger: It was easy to have your lists of url’s in one place and when updated the update appeared in your blog immediately. (In those days you had to edit your links in html and manually….)

Since the number of bookmarks was growing and growing. I had spread lists of my bookmarks over more pages as the script generated only 100 links:

Now in september 2016 I was able to retrieve this page which seemed lost for over a year in the catacombs of one or another server change.

However, since April/May 2016 it appears has discontinued its services.

And in November 2016 I checked again and found it back….

But now I’m looking for alternatives and there are some delicious alternatives…

  1. Diigo
  2. Pinboard
  3. Dragdis
  4. Historious
  5. Bookmark.os

I will look into them and come back

Last edited by gje on December 4, 2016