Speeding RWS 70 – Sail AMS 2015 – 1

RWS 70

In the early morning of Wednesday, August 19, 2015 I boarded a typical Dutch steel motor yacht which was rented by a friend who had invited 3 couples for a tour from Zaandam to IJmuiden and back in order to see the parade of the Tall Ships participating in the Sail Amsterdam 2015 event.

From 8.00 hr on to 10.00 hr the Noordzeekanaal would be saileable from Amsterdam To IJmuiden only and the other way around from 10.00 hr till approximately 16.00 hr it would be one way traffic from IJmuiden to Amsterdam. No freight was allowed at all during the parade.

Directions were given that the absolute speed limit would be 6 km/hr for everyone.

RWS 70 is a patrol vessel of Rijkswaterstaat. Sometimes Rijkswaterstaat is called a state within a state. It was founded in 1798 as the Bureau voor den Waterstaat. Currently it is as an agency part of the Dutch ministry of Infra structure and Environtment. As it is incorporated long before Trains and Cars became en vogue, waterways were the way to transport people and goods. From there Rijkswaterstaat has 3 tasks: Make and maintain the Dutch waterways. Protect The Netherlands from the water by creating and maintaining water defence works (think dikes and dunes) and create and maintain roads.

It is clear to me that the RWS 70 is speeding here at minimal twice the 6 km speed limit without apparent signs that it was on duty. Moreover as the maximum speed of this class of patrol vessels is around 28 knots, I fail to see why it doesn’t give an example.

By this bad example the two small boats following it also apparently believe they are in their right to speed.

Kaboom – Pirates of the Dutch Canals

Kaboom – Pirates of the Dutch Canals

Reasonably big ships can reach almost every city of some importance in The Netherlands via its vast network of canals, even square rigged pirate ships.
In Haarlem a pirate ship passes a bridge in the railroad and hits the electricity cable of the train with its rig. Promptly it causes a real lightning and thunder.
I have an idea this recent You tube footage may get viral.

Steve Jobs’ Super Yacht Venus unveiled in Aalsmeer – Dutch Design (63)


On October 27, 2012, one year after I shared the speculations about Steve Job’s unfinished super yacht,  his Super Yacht Venus has been unveiled in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands ( a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) at the Dutch Royal Feadship De Vries yard.

Imacs steer Steve Jobs Venus

Reportedly the yacht is operated via 7 Imacs. Very daring, I would say, to trust the software so much to have it reign a super yacht. Although I know Oracle’s Larry Ellison reportedly developed his own software to do same with some of his super yachts.

Source and photo’s: The Dutch language blog One More Thing

America’s Cup World Series in Naples

Team Energy Wins First Naples Fleet Race
Team Energy Wins First Naples Fleet Race Photo AC

The Spectacle is back with AC 34

For quite some time I’d left the America’s Cup for what it was: A court room affair. It was not very clear where they were heading. Returning to them again I see that Larry Ellison who is the defender of record with his team Oracle, has made some clever moves to bring spectacle back to the race courses.

The 34th America’s Cup brings the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport back to the United States: New boats, a new format for the racing and television and web coverage as never before. See the above footage of the current 4th of 6 pre America’s cup series, called the AC World Series of races in uniform 45′ catamarans with wing sails to enable the various crews to train in very fast multi-hulls. There are fleet races as well as match races per venue and there will be a fleetrace champion and a match race champion per venue.

Past events of the AC World Series were in 2011 in Cascays, Portugal, in Plymouth, UK and in San Diego, USA.

In past contests we had Dutch designers involved: The (in)famous wing keel was developed and tested in Delft. Now we have two Dutchman as part of the Oracle Team: Dirk de Ridder and Piet van Nieuwenhuyzen.

New ways of following Sailing Races

Media coverage is fantastic. Here I’ve embedded the summary of last Monday’s race as then the weather conditions were more spectacular for multi-hull racing. One cat even capsized.

With the current new generation of cameras on board of the competing race machines (“boat” would be a “too slow” term for them) and in helicopters and on board of boats around the course, it feels like you are watching a Formula 1 race on land. Never before has it been easier to follow a sailing match.

After Naples

Races for today are postponed until tomorrow as the wind was too strong in Naples today.

After Naples Venice, Italy, will host the AC World Series May 15-20, 2012 and Newport, Rhode Island, USA, will host the AC World Series June 26 – July 1, 2012

The New 75’AC class will be unveiled soon

Soon the class for the second and third stage, the match racing series for the Louis Vuiton Cup (04 July – 1 September 2013) and the Final Match races between the wi9nner of the Louis Vuiton Cup, who will be the Challenger of record and the Defender of record, will be unveiled: A 72’Catamaran with a wing mainsail. The winner of the Louis Vuiton cup may challenge the defender of record, Team Oracle in SFO Bay 7-22 September 2013.

The general idea is that the boats will be as equal as possible and that speed differences are caused by boat handling and racing experience of the teams only and not influenced by design differences.


The Italian Prada team entered the AC World Series for the first time: It won the final fleet race and with that won the Naples Fleet race Championship. Team Oracle Spithill became second and now leads the Fleetrace pack overall.

The Swedish Artemis team that you can see capsizing in the Monday race, became first in the Napels Match Races Championship. Here are the Naples results:

Naples score board AC World Series

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Speculations about Steve Job’s Unfinished Super Yacht “I” – (Dutch Design 61)

Steve Job's Unfinished Super i Yacht

With the demise of Steve Jobs all sorts of unconfirmed rumors appear as to the whereabouts of his unfinished super yacht, the design of which was commissioned to Philippe Starck a couple of years ago. Apparently Jobs has commisioned Dutch Royal Feadship to build the yacht. According to more rumors currently the hull is in Feadship’s Aalsmeer yard. As usual Feadship remains silent as to their clients details.

Would it look like the above rendering? (via Jameslist)

Steve Jobs Floating IPodOr more like a floating IPod? (via A Few Too Many)

Would it follow the design of Philippe Starck’s “A”?

Look like the Predator? (As Cult of Mac believes)

Feadship Qi
Or more be like Like Feadship’s Qi? Like Bootblog believes.

Like H2ome, built by MMGI? (via Gatsby Online)

Feadship X Stream
Or more like Feadship’s X Stream? Like IPad Info believes.

Speculation all over the place. I’m insanely curious, and you?