Willem plans a trip to Barcelona

Willem plans a trip from The Netherlands to Barcelona in Spain by car and considers the following hotels as a stop over:

  • Day 1 – Paris – »Hotel du Petit Moulin
  • Day 2 – Périgord Noir – »Le canard a trois pattes
  • Day 3 – Gascogne – »Just 2 suites
  • Day 4 – Barcelona – »Banys Orientals

Ruin….Just 2 Suites

Janneke and Peter Schoenmaker had set up and sold Spaarne 8, a two suites hotel in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The new owner discontinued the operation of Spaarne 8 as a hotel.

In the mean time Janneke and Peter are rebuilding a mansion in the South of France, “Just 2 Suites”.

Getting there with a front that looked like this:

Just 2 Front Old

and changed into this:

Just 2 Front New

Update: In the meantime they sold this B&B as well and bought another building project.

The new owners of Just 2 Suites renamed the premises into Tresbos Farmhouse and it is now for rent on a weekly basis.

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Fashion makers into hotels


Analik has her own fashion label and a shop in Amsterdam (9 streets shopping area).

Now she has purchased a property in Antwerpen where she will start a new shop and a hotel. In autumn she will open a hotel next to her Amsterdam shop. More to follow under the name: Miauw Suites.

Other fashion makers preceded her: