Put Your Bike in the Comb Please (Street Art 22)


Makes me smile this Comb Bike Stand made by the Knowhow Shop in Los Angeles for the city of Roanoke in Virginia.

The comb bike rack is out of our Hair… finished! Knowhow Shop is breathing a sigh of relief now that the bike rack is en route to Virginia. The 400 pound comb is handcrafted out of Mangaris using full mortise and tenon construction, while the hair is made from powder coated steel.

via Out of our hair! | Knowhow Shop LA.

On my bike to TodaysArt 2009 (#TA09)

20090925 On-my-Bike-underway-to-#TA09-_MG_1277a
The Big Church of The Hague

Yesterday, like today, it was gorgeous weather. Around 06.00 PM I jumped on my bike (yes, sometimes I do bike) to visit the TodaysArt festival in The Hague City Center. From my bike I took this photo of the Big Church of The Hague and you can see how crisp the air was.
Maison de Bonneterie, A fashion temple right in the The Hague City Center shopping area.
I arrived at Spuiplein, the center of TodaysArt festival just before it taking off.

Spuiplein is the huge square next to The Hague Town Hall and in front of the music hall (the building with the red triangle) named after Anton Philips. The Lucent Dance Theater is adjacent to Anton Phillips Hall and to its right. The two buildings in the back are Dutch Government offices and the blue building to the right is the The Hague Mercure hotel.

Bicycle Film Festival 2008: Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague Mayor: Be alert for 2009!


I was busy, on the road, looking after our hotel guests and trying to revamp my other Blog, Chair Blog, therefore a little less attention here.

The revamping of Chair Blog is sticky: I went backward and forward with the theme and am back to square 1: Same old Misty theme, but a lot of more posts thanks to a nifty Tumblr inspired WordPress QuickPost Plugin. At the same time Chair Blog was accepted by Woopra. Hence I have decided to terminate my Tumblr activities and fade the Tumblr posts out by gradually deleting them and incorporate them into my main blogs…. My main problem with Quickpost is that my provider somewhere hides the MySQL database of WordPress in a way I can’t figure out…have to dig much deeper into PHP/MySQL. In addition I have to find a way to present photos in a consistent way… Maybe a reader has some clues for me.

In the meantime, rather than hiring writers as I see some of my fellow Bloggers do, I am trying to get my two daughters – Yes! Happy hotelier is also a Happy Father! – FilmGirl and DanceGirl, the former works at the Rotterdam Film Festival and the latter works at the Holland Dance Festival, involved here as they do travel a lot and could have a lot of content to offer..to no avail at this moment. I know they are sometimes readers here and hope they take the bait.

So I came across Bicycle Film Festival, a festival I wasn’t aware of, but that FilmGirl probably knows of. Quite interestingly it is featured in many cities: 17 in total acros the world, and probably a cheap thing to do in these miserable economic circumstances.

I am curious why we here in The Netherlands, as one of The Bicycle Countries don’t feature it. Therefore: Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague Mayors be alert to get the 2009 edition in house!
Via Living in LA Without a Car

New York City: Bike – Share Project: 42 years behind the Dutch!

Usually reading through my Google News Reader I get tons of inspiration for this Blog and I don’t have the time to convert all inspiration into actual posts here.

From time to time I click and share in my reader and so I sort of built a second Blog, gje’s shared items, of items I like to address and sometimes really do address, but usually don’t. Until now I haven’t found a better way of sharing the news from the travel and luxury Blog community. In a window in the right column you see the newest items I have shared.

NYC Bike Sharing

So in my Google News Reader i found this post Pedaling, the Bike-Sharing Project of Archinect. It caught my eye as I noticed recently there is a nice Bike Sharing running in Vienna under the name City Bike Wien.

For us Dutchmen this bike sharing is a very old idea. In 1965 Dutch Provo launched the White Bike Plan. Here is a nice write up about the anti establishment movement Provo. It also explains a bit of the origins of the Dutch coffeeshop culture. Her is another Write up that explains how the 2 White Bike (sharing) plans that actually were launched in Amsterdam didn’t work out. However there is a White Bikes plan running uninterruptedly since 1975 at the Dutch National Park De Hoge Veluwe.

After re reading this post, I decided I need to flesh this post out much more, albeit that the time constraints will make it appear in a bit random order:

  • This post is especially of interest after the magic 07-07-07 Live Earth series of concerts.
  • By coincidence (does coincidence really exist?) I noticed my fellow Travel Blogger Melissa Petri reported about City Bike Wien in her post Bike in Vienna for Europe String just last month….BTW Europe string was a finalist for the Travvies 2007 in February of this year
  • This seems a copy of the original Witte Fietsen Plan (“White Bike Sharing Manifesto”) by the Provo movement in the Dutch language.
    Original Dutch White Bike Sharing Manifesto
    Provo White Bike Sharing Manifesto

    The White Bicycle Plan proposes to create bicycles for public use that cannot be locked.
    ‘The white bicycle symbolizes simplicity and healthy living, as opposed to the gaudiness and filth of the authoritarian automobile.’

  • And here is a photo of the official presentation of the Provo White Bike Sharing Manifesto:
    Provo presents the White Bike Sharing Manifesto
  • There even is is an official White Bike Sculpture in the Netherlands:
    White Bike Sharing Sculpture in Holland
    Dutch white bike sculpture.
    The man is real size, not the bike!
  • The Provo Movement in Amsterdam eventually led to the famous sleep in of Yoko Ono and John Lennon in Amsterdam Hilton:
    John Lennon and Yoko Ono Sleep In
  • I have a feeling there are European subsidies for bike sharing projects if I read this: Case Study
  • Bike For All, a site dedicated to Biking news brings the news that on 07 07 07 4 friends will arrive at the London Tour de France prologue start having biked 777 miles across 7 countries in 7 days, visiting 7 Tour de France Prologue cities in order to raise money for World Bicycle relief and for Jole Rider in order to enable them to donate Bikes to third world countries

180: Cycling Around The World

180 dart score
180 !

Why 180? Well this is the 180th post published since inception of Happy Hotelier and whenever I see the number I connect it with the triumphant referee in a major Darts Match screaming: “One Hundred and Eieieieietheeeeee!” when one of the competitors hits the top score of three triple twenties. Then I also think immediately of current PDC Darts Champion Barney, also living in The Hague. Yes I am proud and a bit triumphant myself with this 180th post here and am really sorry technically I cannot paste the 180 sound here yet….

Cycling Around The World

As a proud Dutchman I would further like to remind you that The Netherlands is bike country #1 and I switch subject to give you this link to Cycling Around The World of a Dutch couple, Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf, who have been cycling the world for many years and who have crated a beautiful and inspiring site about their travels with many photos.