6 Years Happy Hotelier

6 Years Happy hotelier

Just to commemorate that exactly 6 years ago I started this blog.

However, my blogging goes further back to June 5, 2004. May I call myself a blogging veteran already?

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet


Two ladies have proved it to be possible: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are in the process of developing a collar that acts as a collision airbag to protect your head in case of a fall from your Bicycle.

Via Q8 All In

Me and Me Shadows

Yes that’s me in the middle. See my pigtails? Nice ones huh? Left you see grampa taking the photo. Right is dad. He’s already very happy for me because he’s going to fchwing me very very high on the fchwing. I find it very difficult to pronounce an fch proper. Yes I can say proper and jump and photo! Don’t laughf at me!

I don’t know why grampa put this photo here. I believe he’s learned it from a friend: Me Shadow

See? very very very high!

bye bye!