Randstad Rail Collides again, now with another Tram

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Randstad Rail Collides again, now with another Tram

When I was making my rounds this morning I noted a huge road block in front of our hotel. It turned out Randstad Rail, a mix between a tram and a metro, that runs there although the road is too narrow for it in my view, had kissed another tram. Luckily there were no casualties other than three light wounded persons.

The collision was so powerful that both trams were pushed out of their rail and had to be put back by a ginormous crane. That had to be done very carefully and in phases, because of the electricity.

Anyway: The local public transport company made its point: If the tram doesn’t ride, just call a taxi:-)

I’ve uploaded a whole set of photos to my Flickr stream for those interested.

20110426 - Collision between Randstad Rail 3 and Tram 11 - The Hague _MG_9075
Always amazing how many official looking people are standing around with their hands in their pockets.

Ah and the “again” in the title is because there are of course more collisions, but this is one of the ones I’m actually aware of because they happen just in front of our house/hotel like this one.

Doutzen Kroes lands Cool Film role in Nova Zembla


Doutzen is probably one of our best export products. As a top fashion model she’s been the face of L’Oreal and Victoria’s Secret – Uhm maybe more than just a face…recently.

In January, 2011 the 25 years young lady has given birth to a healthy young daughter and just 8 weeks thereafter the media proudly announced her belly was back in form…

Yesterday it was announced (also by herself on Twitter) she has landed a Feature Film role for a project of Eye Works, Nova Zembla. It will tell a story about Dutch navigator Willem Barentz who attempted several times to discover a North East passage to India above Siberia. One of his attempts ended in his ship stuck in a field of icebergs which caused the crew to stay at the Nova Zebla Island during the winter of 1596.

I predict that Doutzen’s warm voice and personality will cause the ice to melt.

As I said earlier: The Netherlands is worth a trip solely to enjoy the beauty of its women! A (Michelin Guide) three star country in that respect.

Refreshing – Website only open during Office Hours


I didn’t believe it, when I read about it at at Tnooz, but this morning I noticed Hotel Haiku, referred to in my post Would you consider staying in a notel in stead of a hotel? really closes outside office hours.

What doyouthink?

Dutch Design (60): Finally the Dutch (or Scheveningen) Beach Chair Revived!

Happy to see when I plea for a good cause, the revival of the Dutch Beach Chair, or more precisely the Scheveningen Beach Chair, – See Postcards from Scheveningen, a Plea to Revive the Scheveningen Beach Chair and see also my significant other blog Chair Blog – the plea is honored:-)

Marijn van der Poll designed this Kaigan chair for Dutch Office outfitter Ahrend. As far as I can see for indoor use, but hopefully they will develop one for outdoor uses as well.