Flipflop Project by Florentijn Hofman (Dutch Design 59)

Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman
Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman 2
Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman 3
I discovered the site of Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch designer specializing in great outdoor installations. This Fat Monkey was created out of flipflops at the occasion of the Sao Paulo Pixel Show. Would you believe the ordinary flipflop could be the source (pixel) of such installation?

The Tourist

I’m not so much a TV, Film or Video viewer myself, but the Dutch premiere of the bespoke film The Tourist gives me an excuse to post this interview with the main characters Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in Paris.

Long Live The Queen!


Yesterday our Queen Beatrix celebrated her birthday. Painful that I forgot to post this yesterday, especially since I had made a couple of my own portraits of her last year. She has a beautiful smile! Hasn’t she? A belated happy birthday to the Majesty!

Disclosure: These photos are cropped. That’s all photoshopping I’ve done.