Cake Cam

Cake Cam

Just a little Intermezzo. Recently there was a short twitter discussion between a British Apple Pie lover @Mikeachim and an American Cake Guru @nerdseyview about the question whether a pie is or is not the same as a cake. For me the internet is all about association. So I devote this post to those two and to the lady who published this Cam Cake on Flickr and apparently left Flickr afterward as a Self Confessed Diaper Changer Extraordinaire.

And before I forget, my friends of Freshome inspired me to this post.

5 thoughts on “Cake Cam”

  1. Why thank you, sir.

    Although the sight of a D700 getting faux-autopsied is one that will linger in the dimly-lit corners of my mind. *flinches*

    Having said that, I’m really hungry now.

  2. I love this!!! My sister studied pastry arts and makes things like this- but it’s still hard for me to take in all these beautiful, artistic cakes that seem to be all over the place lately. All those food shows like Ace of Cakes must be adding to the trend.

    Either way- love this picture of the cam cake. So creative- it would be hard to eat something that looked that well put together. 🙂

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