Looking Back to 2008 (3): The Blog, January – March

215 posts in 2008 opposed to 166 posts in 2007 – Many developments worth mentioning:

WiWiH Hospitality and Travel Bloggers Community
  • Februari 2008:
    I got enthusiastic about mini blogging like Tumblr, and about Travel Bloggers Hopping. I made preparations for my first Travel Bloggers Meeting at ITB Berlin.
  • March 2008:
    Visited ITB Berlin and the Phocuswright – Tips from the T-List Berlin Blogger Summit. Found out that I needed to update my equipment, which I finally did shortly before the end of 2008. Had a mayor computer crash at my office and although I use to have a reasonable Backup policy, I cost me a lot of time to get everything in order. The main advantage is, that the former office computer crashed every time I tried to crop or edit only one photo. With the new equipment, later combined with the acquisition of the new CS3 Adobe suit, I don’t have those kind of problems anymore. Started my Quote of the Day category.

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