Happy Hotelier @ Alltop Again: Top Netherlands News….Wow!

Featured in Alltop

What a surprise! The great blog and news site aggregator Alltop keeps on crunching out pages. All of a sudden I find myself between the Top of the News Providers in The Netherlands.

Thank you Alltop! I have to add a third badge! Yep now the Featured One.

Seriously: I didn’t bribe them!

Noblesse obliges: I will have to bring more Dutch News to my dear readers.*Evil Grin*

3 thoughts on “Happy Hotelier @ Alltop Again: Top Netherlands News….Wow!”

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing really well, winning lots of awards!

    Yes, it would be good to have more news on the travel front from the Netherlands. I have travelled through it a number of times and think it is a lovely country. I especially like Amsterdam for its wonderful art museums, nightlife and international feel. I also once went on a day trip to Leiden – a really pretty city, and a little quieter than Amsterdam.

  2. Congrat for the third selection.
    Can you share the kind of traffic that Alltop bring to your blog? Is it significant ?
    Merry Xmas

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