High Five (6): Green Honeymoon, Killer Waves, Frank Loyd Wright tour, Time Management and Ultra Boutique Hotels

Gorilla High Five

Happy Hotelier’s High Five (5):

  1. Honeymoon Funded By Trash by Current| Bèta, a sort of video startup with Video News (a bit like Alltop) about how newly weds scored their neighborhood for trash that they exchanged for Air miles to finance their honeymoon.
  2. Top 10 Most Dangerous Waves in the World by Rhys Stacker of Matador Trips. I’m not a surfer myself, but the photos are fantastic!
  3. The Mistress of Taliesin a wonderful story in Last Exit Magazine about a guided tour to the home built by Frank Lloyd Wright for his mistress who as a ghost still haunts you.
  4. SpeakerSue Says:Time management, Productivity and Email: This you HAVE to read!. Hilarious, self explanatory and for me as lateral thinker a reassurance.
  5. Globorati | Top 10 Ultra Boutique Hotels

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