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I saw Eric Pratum visit here in my Woopra screen and looked him up.

With the newer WordPress version and the Tumblr Quickpost Plugin for WordPress I could make a very quick post. It works. Hurray!

About Eric Pratum (taken from his blog):

***WARNING*** Entering Serious Bragging Zone 😉

I just finished my MBA at Western Washington University, where I worked as a research assistant for both the Center for Excellence in Management Education and the Whatcom County Real Estate Research Report. Recently, I worked in executive search for Parker Remick and in pre-IPO investments for the Bellingham Angel Group. Currently, I handle marketing for the Hilton Hotel in Bellevue.

In June 2006, I completed my MA in German at Portland State University. During those studies, I won a full-tuition scholarship from the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and used that to study for a year in Freiburg, Germany – where I had previously lived and worked on a goat farm coincidentally.

Prior to my graduate studies, I obtained my BA in German (March 2003) at Western Washington University – where I also studied a significant amount of French, founded the triathlon team, and helped to originate the Western Triathlon, which is now an annual event.

In addition to my work and academic pursuits, I am an avid athlete and was the founder, songwriter, and sometimes-lead/sometimes-backup singer in the Bellingham-based, rock group THE COLLECTED.

I am fluent in English and German, competent in French, intermediate/novice in the Scandinavian languages and maintain familiarity with Spanish and Portuguese. I have even translated some Flemish and Dutch in a pinch at work. 😉

Why devote a post to Eric Pratum?
He seems to be employed by Hilton in marketing and was clearly on a fishing expedition when he asked:

It sounds like Esme has very particular tastes. I would be interested to find out what she thinks a perfect Hotel Experience would include. . . hotel type, location, service, restaurant or none, etc.

in his comment to my post 10 Questions for (6) Esme Vos.

I would like to dare him to answer the same questions he posed…

Added December 28, 2008:
The funny thing about Eric is he first reacted with a post of himself about me stating he was not amused as I didn’t ask his prior approval for using one of his Flickr photos….
In the meantime he deleted that post.
Secondly he didn’t answer my question.
Thirdly, in the meantime, he also deleted the rather bragging quote from his “about” page.
Is he growing up?


There was a photo of Eric here. He asked me to remove it. Probably he was fed up with the fact that this blog came up when you googled his name. I complied. I put this post on private. But now put it on public with a redirect to the blogs homepage….
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