Happy Hotelier's 10 Most Popular in May 2008

I know. there is a WordPress plug in somewhere out there, but after a month of futzing around with Woopra, such list is easy to export from Woopra for a certain period of time. Here you go:

  1. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art: Times Present Times Past There is a lot more to be said about Istanbul Modern.
  2. Hilarious: Judge in The Hague fines Blogger for ranting about Dutch Telecom Company Call Center Employee. Unfortunately, forced by the judgment, the journalist in question had to take the content entirely from the internet.
  3. My Page: Unusual Hotels. The first one that concerns my main focus: Luxury and unusual hotels.
  4. Some Concerns about Tips From The T-List. After some initial stirring of the pot, everybody is submerged in and back to his/hers own business again. See the Facebook page:Tips from the T-List Redoux.
  5. To Sexy to Fly?. Yes! At first I was hesitant about this post, but sex does sell. Even Loic Lemeur realizes this as he advertises his seesmic with sexy videos. Pity nobody clicks my Too sexy too Fly Update where Kyla Ebbert appears to have landed a Playboy photo shoot. It does me remember I should do another update…
  6. Street Art (1) Istanbul Cow Parade.
  7. Dutch Design 12:The New Heineken 5 L DraughtKeg: Very handy for a beach party!
  8. My page: T-List and L-List.
  9. Many visitors want to know about me.
  10. Yotel goes to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Yotel Gatwick’s First Guest reviews.

Street Art (4): The Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited

When I wrote about this now closed Berlin object of art/experimental one room billboard hotel in December 2007, I didn’t imagine that people would actually sleep in it. I visited it in March when I was in Berlin for ITB Berlin. Henri Roelings, who is one of the guys behind WiWiH (Who Is Who In Hospitality) had booked it during ITB Berlin and had actually slept in it a during ITB Berlin.

The Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier

On the corner of Kommandantenstrasse and Neue Gruenstrasse one finds this billboard that hides the hotel room behind it. The room has no windows, so it is definitely a room without a view.

The Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 02

Henri commented that when he stayed in the room, he had slept very comfy,but he was a little bit afraid that people could easily fire him up by making a fire under the room. Luckily the giant steel watchdog opposite of the hotel room has been watching over his safety.

Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 02

Henri had the ladder to enter the room so that he could advertise WiWiH.

Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 03

Once entering the hotel room I was surprised to find a real bathroom. There was water for the wash bin and the shower via a reservoir. There was a chemical toilet and there was electricity.

Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 04

Here you can see that you could hang your clothes, had a TV set and a drawer chest and an easy chair. All very doable.

Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 05

The Guest Book

Not only the hotel room is artsy. According to the Guest Book its guests are artsy a well and they liked it!

Berlin Billboard Single Room Pod Hotel Visited By Happy Hotelier 06

This Swiss comment reads: “First sushi, then Victoria, thereafter Paul and finally here: Reason: Birthday!”

OMG: Earthquake in Reykjavik, Iceland

After trying to get some things done and staying away from Twitter this week a bit, I just logged on and got a first hand report from my Blogging friend Hjortur Smarason that Reykjavik just had a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake.

Twitter Over Capacity

I am almost certain Twitter is not over its capacity because of this earthquake. It is fluttering for some weeks now already.

I am experimenting away to get a decent screen shot from the conversation. Just to be able publish quickly I’ve copied and pasted this from Kwout:

Kwout 2

Hjortur on twitter via kwout

Am I saved by the bell?

Maybe: The point is this: Hjortur asked me two weeks ago, if I would be interested to go on a Cruise in Iceland and blog about it. I had to decline because right now I am much too busy and also because my readership just from the Netherlands is a bit too small…..It just might not be interesting enough for his client. His relating post is this one: A Great Opportunity for Travel Bloggers

Constance who he is referring to is one of the two lady Bloggers of the Dutch Blog Vakantie Blogo who I introduced to him and who went in my place. Sorry Constance!


And here a first picture of what happens at such earthquake:

Firts Picture of Iceland Earthquake Result


Update 2: 01.30 AM Local Time

Funny to see that I beat CNN by approx 4 hrs.
Update 3
While in Iceland Constance even didn’t notice Iceland was hit by an earthquake, because she was at another part of the Island. She only heard about it from her husband when she phoned home….

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Stay in Frank Lloyd Wright's Davidson House

Davidson House Buffalo By Frank Lloyd Wright

That’s a good idea: Open an architectural monument for a stay! Then you can enjoy the look and feel of the creation of the architect.

Davidson House Buffalo By Frank Lloyd Wright 02

The Davidson House in Buffalo, US, a design of America’s foremost Arts and Craft movement architect Frank Lloyd Wright is open for a stay with a minimum of 2 nights.