Travel Blog Carnival Week 8

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Travel Rants’ Travel Blog Carnival Week 8

Darren is forgiven. Week 7 passed without review by sheer lack of time on his side (Happy Birthday again Darren!) and on the reviewers side. However I have expressed my concern that it is a bit much for a one man blogger earlier.

I offered to do a review of this week which Darren accepted.

Since I liked Gudrun ‘s style of reviewing most, I will try to copy that. There were 17 posts submitted. I chose 4:

The posts not chosen are good as well. You can find all at my Tumblr miniblog : Happy Hotelier | Tumblr that I have just set up in order to see if I can organize myself better with it. More on Tumblr l8ter!

7 thoughts on “Travel Blog Carnival Week 8”

  1. Ah Guido, many thanks for picking my post and sorry to make you suffer. I appreciate typists prefer short titles, but sadly search engines don’t. The tweak I made to the blog title has ensured I consistently rank as number one on Google Blogs for my target key terms ๐Ÿ˜‰ and getting the keywords into the titles/subheads again has had dramatic effect on the search traffic I receive. No help to typists though!

    A great set of picks and many thanks again for the inclusion!

  2. nice roundup this week – glad to see so many great submissions and I liked your idea of including all the submissions on your Tumblr site. Seems as though some groups are really taking advantage of this promotion tool, guess I better start submitting more of Kango’s posts, rather than spending all my time reading what other’s have written ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Guido!


  3. Thank you ladies,
    Apart from looking after our guests here I have been Tumblr-ing around happily a whole day. So I was a bit slow on moderation.

    @ Vicky
    You may know I always like kidding around a bit. I just wanted to put (type) it right here for once. Thinking about what you say, I may change my blog’s name or subtitle into “Happy Haagsche Hotelier……”


    But you learn a lot form, other people:-)
    Only now after reading some more about Kango I understand a bit what you are doing over there and I believe it is grrreat, especially the UGC crawling helps the little entrprneurs (I am Tumblrd ) like myself.

    P.S. can I count on your votes for the Logo?

  4. Hi Guido and thanks a million for including my post on hiding places for money in your favorite picks. And also many thanks for agreeing to be the reviewer this week.

  5. Guido,

    thanks for the recognition. our post was actually written by our new chief writer, Martin Cowen, not myself – but thanks anyway…

    thankfully we are insiders, although perhaps the ones we submit for the Carnival should be more consumer-focused.

    a question for Darren perhaps??!? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @ Barbare: You’re most welcome.
    @ Kevin: Most welcome as well. I’ll change the name. Have you introduced Martin Cowen? Personally I believe a bit insight into the profession would neither harm the consumer nor the professional ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Martin joined us in early-February as chief writer. He is a freelance journalist and one of the most experienced travel trade hacks in the UK, having formerly edited

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