Wow! Thanks again Paul

In my post Hotel Blogs: Thanks Guillaume I paid already attention to Guillaume’s Hotel Blogs. He has an interesting tag 20 Blogs I Like. There, in a short interview he presents the person behind the Blog. In his interview with Paul Johnson from A Luxury Travel Blog.
He asks Paul the question:
Your top 3 hotels you have stayed in?
and Paul answers:

This is difficult. I have been lucky to stay at numerous very special places. Here are three relatively recent picks:

Wow! I am simply blushing with the honor Paul gives my little luxury baby with all his experience….

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1 thought on “Wow! Thanks again Paul”

  1. Don’t blush, Guido… you should be VERY proud of what you have there! Absolutely beautiful accommodation and very personal attention in a city which I don’t think gets the publicity it deserves.

    Kind regards


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