Kreta: Katalagari Country Suites


Even if I am not really searching for nice all suite hotels, I simply stumble upon them like these Katalagari Country Suites of Kreta, Greece. Probably because I am involved 7/7 with my own suites. My source was a young Utrecht based tour operator who in an original way sells special hotels and holiday houses in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Eliza was here.

Victorian Beer Bathing in Hotel U Sladka

Beer Bathing

Health is a hot issue. Spas grow as mushrooms. This spring in Chodova Plana, Czech republic, the Hotel U Sladka with 7 Victorian beer baths opened in a local beer factory. Delicious Victorian frothing beer bathing in special local brew dark beer! See the Youtube Video

Edited August 2009 to change the links

Brasil Suites: Where? Oh There!

Brasil Suites

Googling around I was looking for the link of the site of the previous post, erroneously thinking they were located in Brasil, typing in “Brasil Suites”…..and …. ended up in »Athens of all places…!!

Buenos Aires: Design Suites and Towers

Suites BA

Once I stumbled already upon their website Design Suites and now I want to share this with you, as they have interesting all suite developments in the pipeline for 2006 and 2007.

NL Hotel in Theme:NL

NL Hotel

With an article and this splendid photo on the 12th cover of »Theme:NL, a Dutch glossy devoted to the stylish part of Dutch hospitality industry, »NL-Hotel was nicely featured this month.