Hotel rooms and suites on auctionsites

More and more hotel rooms and suites can be bid for on auction sites. Her is a link to »Luxury Links where you can place a bid on very expensive suites and rooms (or simply very up market properties). Block popups in your browser, because otherwise you get too many of those pop- eh hickups!

The Informed Traveler

The informed Traveler is a blog written by employees of Five Start Alliance.

The Blog gives interesting information. Read with me and see for your good self whether they prove to be a little unbiased, i.e. also write about something else than Fife Star Alliance accomodations.

Back to school: La Classe near Namur, Belgium

La Classe Front

In april 2005, Anne and Jean-Luc discovered the old school and city hall of Denée.
They are seduced by the exceptional caracter of this house of 1863 : black stones on the ground, high ceilings, old oak stairs leading to a magnificent attic. From this autumn, they invite you to discover »La Classe.

La Classe is a new project of the owners of Les Duves, Anne and Jean-Luc Laloux.

Autumn 2006: Haarlem Grand Hotel Frans Hals

In October 2006 the opening of Grand Hotel Frans Hals is foreseen. Situated in the very citycentrum of Haarlem.
There will be 83 rooms in total, of which some luxury suites, a meeting room, a bar and a restaurant.

Frans Hals is named after a famous Dutch painter and will be operated under the Best Western label.

The Dutch Amrâth Hotels and Restaurants Group of companies who commissioned the hotel shows a remarkable piece of public relations on its website already:There are opening specials and a webcam showing the progress of the building and Google adwords are already working.