Kruisheren in Maastricht: most beautiful Dutch hotel?


Willem visited the Kruisheren hotel in Maastricht and got a tour. He labeled it: Probably the most beautiful Dutch hotel.

Brief history
The large complex of buildings served as a monastery and church for the Order of Crutched Friars since its establishment in 1438. During the French Revolution, it served as barracks and arsenal. Early last century, Victor de Stuers and the architect Cuypers took pity on the complex of buildings, which had fallen into disrepair. Following major renovations, the buildings were put into use as a National Agricultural Research Station. Late in 2000, Camille Oostwegel took the initiative to save this unique building from ruin. Large-scale renovations were set in motion and the building was transformed into a luxurious, contemporary designer hotel, retaining respect for the past and opened in fall 2005.

Eden Rembrandt Square Hotel opened in Amsterdam

Eden Rembrandt Square

In May Job Cohen, the mayor of Amsterdam has officially opened the totally renovated Eden Rembrandt Square Hotel. It has a 4 star Dutch hotel classification and 166 rooms and suites. Brasserie Flo is its restaurant, which shortly after its opening got high notes from Johannes van Dam, the Amsterdam restaurant reviewer. The dark brown/light blue color scheme of the rooms is very trendy, indeed.

Vintage Lodging, Vollenhove: Hotelroom + cabrio + yacht(s)


Vollenhove is world famous for its Royal Huisman shipyard where the world’s largest schooners (the photo is of one of them, Athena, built by Royal Huisman) and cutters are being built and/or refit.
The Vintagegroup offered accomodation in “Stadshavezate Plattenburg” (a sort of city palace) in Vollenhove in combination with a vintage Triumph or Lotus, or a vintage 1955 Van der Stadt design mahogony yacht. They also offered an oportunity to buy antique.

Update: It seems they are not in business anymore.

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Suites and Yacht

»Bourgogne Suite(s?) in Maastricht offers 4 suites. They opened end 2005 and are opulently decorated. They don’t offer cabrio’s, new nor vintage, but have a motoryacht available to sightsee and potter over the Maas river.

Hotelroom + Cabrio, or Bed + MG


Thanks to Marlies of »Vakantiehuis Blogo I now know there are more promotions of sleeping and touring is an unusual car:

B&B »Lodewijk XV (yes, Louis the fifteenth) offers a bed in combination with a day’s driving a classic MG TD of 1953 or a MG TF of 1955 (see photo).