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A Luxury Travel Blog

As Always I am looking for luxe up market sites.
In doing so I came across Luxury Travel Blog:

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Spaander celebrates 125th: Famous Guests and Art

Emma Wilhelmina Cruijff

Each Hotel has a guestbook.

Hotel Spaander of Volendam, a major Dutch tourist attraction, celebrates its 125th anniversary.

Eddy Guyt who was commissioned to write about its history, found 7 guestbooks in the attic with a wealth of material.

Some famous signatures can now be found online.
Emma was the queen mother of Wilhelmina and Johan Cruijff is a famous Dutch football (soccer in US) player.

Portret 1 Portret 2 Portret 4

Besides, Leendert Spaander, the first owner, had the habit of having all sorts of artists from all over the world staying in his hotel and paying him in kind for the stay. So the hotel has an extensive artcollection of over 1200 works of art.

Source: Algemeen Dagblad, 1st April 2006.

Amsterdam: The Dylan has a new owner (again)

The Spanish Stein Group of companies operates inter alia The College Hotel in Amsterdam. After a year it transferred ownership of The Dylan Hotel (former Blakes) to the Apollo Group of companies which was already one of the major financiers in the acquisition by Stein. Apollo is now renovating parts of the Dylan under supervision of FG Stijl, a Dutch designer group that is farming out in Hotel design. FG Style is also responsible for the famous Do und Co Hotel in Vienna.

Dylan’s Bar and lounge are to be restyled and there will be a new banqueting room with a glassroof.

Source: Theme:nl